Mister G’s Round Hill Lodge… At Large, In Exile, In The Diaspora… and Still Alive.

Mr. G's Round Hill Lodge

The “Home” page. Heart-warming, in a sense because to some (if not many) Mr. G’s, “The Lodge”, was our “Home”.

WelcomeĀ “back” (as it were) to Mr. G’s Round Hill Lodge, Washingtonville, NY… 1972 to 1974.
Come visit here, in my heart, my soul, my memory.
And PLEASE, while you’re here, listen to the music, and let us all know you’re here, drop a note, leave a comment. But above and beyond all else, welcome back… Please feel free to dance to the music on the “Juke Box” pages… if not for yourself, with those of us who are still dancing, often only in our hearts, and those who are dancing “above”.
Welcome back… and thank you.

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But please, feel free to leave a comment here, start a chat, or e-mail directly (on the “Contact” page). G’s was “home” to just about ALL of us. The building is gone today, but the memory and the place live on… Hopefully this will help keep it alive for some years to come.

This isn't the Main House but it's as close as I could find... as memory serves.

This isn’t the Main House but it’s as close as I could find… as memory serves.

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in a club with you in 1973…