43 years ago this Friday passed, Mr. G’s Round Hill Resort, formerly located out-side the village of Washingtonville New York, all but vanished into perpetuity. At 11:30pm on that Sunday night (20 January 1974) several fire companies were called to extinguish the blaze. According to reports (as posted on the pages of this blog) at 11:30am on Monday morning, fire-fighters were still battling the embers. But G’s had died…

until… UNTIL TODAY when, after several days of working on this blog, I checked “Google” to see what would return on a search of “Mr. G’s Round Hill Lodge” and… HERE IT WAS/IS! THIS blog brings back an era of SO much happiness… not only to me, but I’m sure to others (who are still alive to see this).

Only those who knew “The Lodge” can understand how much real “Love” for the place and for the people, especially George, I still hold dearly in my heart. This blog is an end of almost 30 years of working. It began with a desire to collect the music of the juke box. It progressed to a social media “page” and now… it’s its own blog… site… Internet Presence for the WORLD to see, learn and know about. I’ve got a few more “items” I need to post here. But, with the images of the entrance (which I ‘tweaked’ from an out-side source) and the satellite images of the property and locale… my heart sings!

I hope this brings together, those of us who were there, who knew and now only remember. I doubt too many of us are around, but here we have our “Lodge” back… to meet and re-meet again.