Well, it certainly isn’t “complete”, because I really don’t and can’t remember every 45 that was on the juke box, but it’s about the best I can do at the moment when it comes to what’s on “the list” on the page.

I wish I could recall all of the music but after all these years, I CAN still recall the people… and compiling this list has been n incredible journey through what still are, some of the very best moments of my life-time and some of the most painful. The most painful of the painful: Knowing that G’s is no longer and that it won’t ever “be” again. No… we can’t go back. But we CAN re-live… even if only in heart, soul and memories.

This morning, the juke box listing is on the page. There are links to the music so it can be heard.

Interesting, but many years ago, when “MP3” files were the latest rage and “Napster” was brand new, I made a 2-disk CD compilation of the songs that I could recall at the time. There were, probably, only 40 songs total then. Today, thanks to extended research capabilities on the Internet, the list here is over 100. (Certainly not the full collection from the juke box but considerable more than I’ve had for the past 40 years.)

Again, I ask:
If ANY of you recall ANY of the music that was on the juke box, PLEASE take a moment to let me know what you remember. If the list is missing a song, I’ll add it. Like-wise, if I’ve put something on there that shouldn’t be, let me know that too. PLEASE & THANK YOU!
This compilation isn’t “mine”… it belongs to the world… to keep “The Legend alive”.

Spread the word… share the Legend.
People all over the world, join hands. Start a Love Train, Love Train.

*Disclaimer: I don’t make any claims of owner-ship to ANY of the music/video files to which links have been posted and absolutely NO Copyright infringement is intended with the posting of links to audio/video files.