Who would have thought that 43 years after “the fall” into “smouldering embers”, Mr. G’s would hit the Internet AND, as of today, SOCIAL MEDIA? Honestly, I don’t know WHY I didn’t think of all of this sooner, like back in the days when the Internet first hit the general public. But I suppose it’s better “late” than “never at all”.

It wasn’t easy getting the Twitter account up and running this morning. I don’t know why. Twitter kept sending “notices”, blocking and suspending the account even though I followed all the instructions. Verifying e-mail accounts. Verifying telephone number. Over and over again and again. You’d think this was all some kind of subversiveness, a plot to over-throw something or somebody. And yet, I see what “others” appear on Twitter, and other social media and to think… G’s was a place of happiness, music, dancing, romance (and yes, admittedly, some “seemy” moments & events… but NEVER violent).

I guess this world just doesn’t have the capacity or desire for anything “positive”, “happy”… just as those people, 43 years ago, were determined to destroy the very same.

Oh well… Thus far, the Twitter account is up, running, following others, has others following it, and the time-line/posts are running here as well. It’s been a bit over an hour now… The best I can do is hang tightly to the hope that it will remain open, up, running AND that others will find it and participate. And more-so, hopefully, others who were there and remember will be able to re-connect, from all around the planet.

I have a bit of “hope” left in my old and ever-aging heart… I won’t believe that I’m alone… the only “survivor”.

Meanwhile, here’s an invitation to come and join: