Greetings to all, and as always, thank you for coming back and for coming by.

As memory jolts and events return, more is and will be added here, as long as this old and aging body will allow. And today, another tune from the juke box came dancing into the my ancient mind. Luckily, I was able to find a civil recording of it and put it into the “Juke Box” play-list. How I could have forgotten i is anybody’s guess. But things happen, the mind and memory get a little dusty. But a breeze comes along and the dust gets moved about and there, in what looked like just a dark corner… a “find”. So today, I opened the old juke-box and added: Ms. Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”… from 1972. One of these days I’ll start a little “Journal” of the memories of people and events that correspond to and with some of these tunes. But for now, I’m just happy and relieved that I can keep this list here. I hope it brings some good listening and fond memories to those of you who give it a listen. (No dimes, quarters or dollars necessary. Click. Play. Enjoy.)

I’ve added a little image too, on some of the pages. It depicts, to some extent, the old gs010frame“Main House”, the one that was destroyed in 1974. I say “depicts” because, well, I don’t have any photos of the place, only those in my mind. And even now, 43 years (this month) after the fact, well, not only is it a bit difficult to recall ALL of the details, but more often than not, I’d be at G’s at night, and when I arrived, I was more anxious to get inside to see who was there and say “Hi.” than I was to stand out-side and take in the sights. But I found this old photo and with a bit of “tweaking” and “touch-up”, I was able to get it close to the beautiful old house where these days, only my heart and mind can wander into and through. I’m just mentioning this here because I’ve wanted to include some reference to the place and having done, I just don’t want anybody to think I had a photo or that I’m trying to mis-represent.

I need again, to express my gratitude to you who come to this little “blog”. Thank you for your time, for your interest, and for helping to keep a fondest and most beautiful memory alive. There are people I’ve met over my life-time who were and remain concerned about some “legacy” they can leave behind when the moment to leave this old world arrives. Some want some kind of “foundation”, or a wing of a building, a “memorial room” or even a statue! Me? I do suppose that this here is the only “legacy” that I want to leave… a little bit of a magnificent moment in time… for me, and many others.

I’m still working on getting G’s onto the Internet and out to the world on as many platforms as I possibly can. Thus far, there’s this “blog” and a Twitter account (@MrGsRoundHillNY) which you can read hear on the side-line of the pages, with an e-mail address for it all. I’m not sure where else we’ll appear, but as we do, I’ll be sure to post here, at the centre of it all.

The purpose of all of this is to keep the memories alive, to the best of my ability, AND to bring them to others who were a part of this great era. That said, if you could be so kind as to pass the word of this along, in chats with those who might have interest, or even on your own social media (Twitter, Gab, Facebook, etc.), we never know who might catch a glimpse and want to know, want to see, want to hear the music *OR* might have been there at some time. A quick-click post to social media would mean so very much. And as forever, I’d be so grateful.

Thank you again.
For your time, for the “follows” and “likes”, for coming here, for reading… Thank you.
(And George? On the off-chance that maybe you CAN and ARE reading: May you be eternally blessed for the stupendous gift you gave to us all.)