These were the days of “pre-Disco disco” or the “early Disco” days, when people still danced… together and began to dance alone. The 1960’s were drifting away slowly and yet, still mingling with the 1970’s that were rolling in. With a shuffle-shuffle, kick-kick, turn-turn, kick, Van McCoy had us in a “Hustle” and it was “Too Late To Turn Back Now”.

But as long as there’s a beat in my heart, those days will stay alive, the memories will live on and “I’ll Be Around”.

Have a look at the list and take a stroll with me through some really wonderful times. If I could, I’d bring you all to the place itself. But since it’s gone, maybe we can meet in some memories. For those of you who weren’t around yet, back then, “in the day”, I’m sorry, truly, that you missed the opportunity to really live “Life”! But maybe, just maybe, if you get to listen to the music, you can start some memories and moments of your own, to hold, as I do, deep and close in your heart.

And as I say and will continue to say:
If there’s anybody out there who knows the old juke-box and sees something missing, or something I’ve put on that shouldn’t be there, PLEASE let me know. I’m still here… and I’ll keep working on this until…