Juke Box Page change:
Some of you are going to to feel right back right at home with the lay-out of the page today and others will either think “Old School” or “WT… is THIS?” But the page is called “JukeBox” and, well, this is what a “JukeBox” looked like in the 1970’s (before the dawn of the “DJ”, CDs, MP3’s and the likes). Weren’t we barbarians of music and entertainment though?

Kind of like the days when we had to get up off the chair or sofa, walk over to the TV and turn a dial to change the channel, back then, in the “Dark Ages”, WE had to navigate across a dance-floor (do THOSE even exist any more?) to get to, well, a large, lighted “box” that held a collection of vinyl discs (we called them “records”), 100 or more, insert cash-money and search through a display of labels that were printed with the title of the song, the artist (band?) and in the fine print, reference information that we never bothered with because, well, it didn’t really concern us, to be honest.

Personally, I recall when the selection prices read:
5 cents for each play.
10 cents for 3 selections.
25 cents for 5 selections.

Some-where, the prices increased:
10 cents per play.
25 cents for 3 selections.
(And I don’t recall if there was an option for more because at that time in my life, 25 cents was about all I’d put toward juke-box music. It was a bit before the time when music, dancing and dance-floors weren’t all that important to me. But time moved forward and with it came the unavoidable “changes”…)

At some point, probably in the early 1970’s, inflation hit (and I hit the dance-halls)!
25 cents for each play.
50 cents for 3 selections.
A DOLLAR got you 5 selections.

Yes, admittedly, it was a bit of an inconvenience to have to take the time to go to that, if you’ll pardon the expression but it’s what we thought of it, “tin whore”. (No offence intended. We were the era before “PC”… “Political Correctness”.) In order to keep the music playing, SOMEBODY HAD to keep dropping money and making selections. Alas…

But HEY! We had choices! WE got to select the music we wanted to hear, whether it be to dance… with some-one, alone (yes, we did), quick-step or slow, frivolous or romantic, or just to sit with thoughts, memories and dreams. AND, more often than not, we could almost tell who was at “The Lodge” by the music that played (and how often).

As for me, my heart jumps back to associations, people-to-music, with “Bernadette”, “Denise”, “Love Train”, “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love”, “Listen To The Music”, “I’m A Winner”, and “Think”. If any of these played more than once through the night, I knew that some-body in particular was there, some-where, in the crowd. Repeats of any of these usually meant that one (or more) of a “Group of 9” where, as they say today “In The House”… the “Family” had arrived, and the best of times were about to roll! Today, as I compiled and post this list and page, only a possible 3 of the 9 remain. As I wrote in the post Time, much has changed as the years rolled by. But the associations are still very much alive in my heart and soul, and though some may not be “In The House”, they’re still in mind and heart and soul. One of these days it’ll be my turn to join them. I’d like to think, to believe they’re already there, at a table, on the dance floor, strolling through the crowds… waiting…

Meanwhile, here’s the page, with the list, with the labels, and each label is a link to the music. I hope you’ll give yourself the pleasure of having a listen to some or all of the tunes and when you do, I hope they’ll inspire you, bring back or make beautiful, wonderful, fondest memories and maybe even a bit of dancing (like nobody’s looking… be FREE!).

If you’d be kind enough, please have a look at the new page and let me know what you think of it… what-ever you think of it. After all, just as Mr. G’s Round Hill Lodge was there, by the human-kindness of George, for us, this “site”, this “blog” this “Juke-Box” page is here for you. Your input is welcome, appreciated and will certainly be respected and reflected. At the bottom of the list of labels is a “comment” space. What-ever you have to say will come directly and won’t be posted to the page. (If you want to post a “public notice” the Guests & Residents page is there for you too as is a “Contact” page. Which-ever you prefer.

For now though, as always, know that I thank you for your visits, and for passing the word along that Mr. G’s is up, running and alive. The place itself may be long gone, but the memory will live on until…..