In addition to WordPress and Twitter, Mr. G’s is now active at!

What is “Minds”? Well, it’s really very much like Facebook, but with-out all the threats of censorship and bias. You can post your opinions, your latest escapades, what-ever you happen to be thinking at the moment, and you can share it all, across the board, with-out those looming threats of being silenced, “suspended”, “banned”, “deleted”.

Pictures? You want pictures? They’re there too!
Video? You want video? YES! THAT TOO!

A FAR, FAR CRY from the “Romper Room” kindergarten nonsense of the likes of Twitter and Facebook, Minds leaves what you see up to YOU! Offended? Simply “block” the poster. It doesn’t stop them from expressing themselves, and it doesn’t stop you from expressing YOUR self either. And, unlike the “snowflakes” and oppressive personalities that have conquered other social media, being “blocked” doesn’t cause all sorts of retaliation! Everybody simply moves on.

So, if you’re not on Minds, may we suggest that you give it a try? Look us up, check the time-line. Get your own account and HAVE A BLAST ON SOCIAL MEDIA AGAIN! FREE! AND you get “POINTS” for your participation on Minds… points that you can use for all sorts of fun activities like “BOOST”ing your posts, making them visible to more people. Or, you can SEND POINTS to others, to help THEM in their efforts to get their information out to more people. And there’s MORE to it all. Bottom line… Minds is the way to go for those of you who have something to say to the world!

Note: There was a “page” on Facebook for Mr. G’s… It’s gone. It became too nerve-shattering. The comments and correspondence became annoying, to say the least. And there was always the threat of Facebook staff doing what they do best: Just blocking or deleting. As I say, Minds has posts, paragraphs, writing, art, all sorts of media… and it’s UNCENSORED AND UNCENSORING!

C’mon over to … we’ll be waiting there, as always, looking forward to seeing you and hearing from you.