After all too many years, Mr. G’s Round Hill Lodge has actually risen to the heights of re-birth, on the Internet, as its own DOMAIN!

Yes, indeed, my personal dream has become reality and work has already begun on keeping G’s alive and well on it’s own. As of today, 15 March 2018, instead of typing the entire name in, followed by the “dot” and “WordPress” and another “dot” and “com”, G’s is on it’s own, independent and FREE! Most of G’s site will closely resemble this blog, crisp, clean and easy to navigate. And yes, as it is now, the interaction function will remain along with the ever-open invitation to correspond and suggest and just keep in touch. G’s was a place for interacting with people (though sometimes it might have been a bit intimidating for some… Heaven only knows why, but yes, it could be and yes, it was sometimes). G’s site will be the same way, only here, maybe a bit easier (because anonymity makes introductions and conversations easier… not to mention, you don’t have to use the old opener “Can I buy you a drink?”).

Personally, I’ve wanted this for many years and I’m not going to start making or offering any excuses as to why it took me so long. Maybe it’s “old age” that’s putting the pressure on me to get these things done. Or, maybe “then” just wasn’t the time. But “now” truly is and the very first step has been taken: the domain is up and running, there’s a “Home” page assigned to it (though as of this writing, it merely accesses this blog) and it’s LIVE! I’ve had the dream of this, I’ve even created the pages for it (in my heart, in my mind). But as of today, it all remained dreams and notions and intentions and… well, you get the general idea. It was never tangible, never available to others. Over the years, I’ve gone through all the routine “searches”, even back in the days before “Google”. “Hotbot” was about the only search engine we had in the early days of Internet. It was astounding, for its time. We had “Dogpile” and “Mama” too. They claimed to search other search engines and compile all results under one page. Very fine indeed, except for the minor fact that there really weren’t too mane “other search engines” to compile. None-the-less, I did as best as was available and fro time to time, I’d search round the world, round the “web” to see if there was anything about G’s “out there”. Every time, sadly, I drew blanks. Nothing. Not even a mention in a post or an article. Nothing.

As the Internet grew and the information on it piled higher and deeper, we came up with MUSIC! The songs! Truth is, once upon a time I’d invested YEARS of time, searching round and about trying to remember and find and collect all the music from the juke-box. There was a collection, on 2 CDs that I’d made, of early music files. Sadly, I don’t have any of those today. Sadder still is that I can recall only some of that wonderful music. I keep hoping that somebody “out there” (like you, for instance, you the reader of this post, the visitor to this blog) will drop a line with a song remembered so that the “Juke-Box” can be re-built.. digitally. You see, here, on this blog, I can only link to somebody else’s video post. But now, with the server and the domain, the actual music “files” can be loaded! Yes, I’ve purchased a LOT of that music, so I can post a file. But right now, here, the best I can offer is a link to a “video” that I keep hoping doesn’t suddenly disappear (as G’s, its juke-box and all too many of the people have done over the years). Yes, the music collection has been building, but that’s not all G’s was. So I kept searching for information, ANY information and for the longest while it was always the same… nothing.

Again, the Internet grew and almost by accident I found something: newspaper article! ONE article that briefly mentioned the devastation of Mr. G’s Round Hill Lodge. The Newburgh Evening News (that no longer exists) actually honoured G’s with front page coverage! Yeah, sure it did. As the memory survives, the cremation of Mr. G’s was, for the people of the village, a day of rejoicing! How they actually hated the place (not to mention, those of us who patornised it). So of course it’s destruction would make front page. Never mind the vast array of people who came. Never mind the diversity of people who visited, stayed a week-end or longer. No mention of the joys we all shared, drinking, dancing, singing, or simply wandering about the grounds, talking, enjoying each-other’s company, falling in (and sometimes yes, out of) love. Sad as the news coverage is, it was a little more than I’d been able to find for so long, and I know that as sure as I remember the event, and the report, there are others, out there in this great big old world, who remember it and SO much MORE!

Still, today, there is mention of the location “Round Hill” and yes, there’s a venue there, apparently rather similar to G’s (but NEVER “like” G’s… NOTHING could ever even come close to it). It’s not very far from where G’s one “lived”. But the ONLY mention of “Mr. G’s Round Hill Lodge” is here… this blog… AND I’M CHANGING THAT! G’s deserves more! G’s deserves better! And so too, do the people who “lived” there! Many, if not most of us have since died, but seriously are NOT forgotten. Call me incredibly stupid or ridiculous (or rapidly running down the tracks toward hopeless senility) but I know of one or two (other than myself) who are still very much NOT dead and are still breathing, listening to the music, walking about and active. (I HOPE YOU’LL SEE THIS ONE DAY SOON AND GET IN TOUCH!) We STILL deserve the respect and recognition of how well we lived “back then”. More-so, we deserve a place to get together again, even if only digitally on the Internet, to chat about “old times” and where we’ve been, what (and whom?) we’ve done over the past years and what dreams, goals and ambitions we still hold dear. There are other “Round Hills” in many places, there’s even a “Round Hill Lodge” else-where, but NONE of them are “Mr. G’s Round Hill Lodge” and THAT’S the one that I’ll ensure remains viable and remembered… even after I’m “gone” and the last of us leaves this earth.

So, all this said and done, I’m inviting all to jot-down or “bookmark” in your “favourites” the NEW Mr. G’s Round Hill Lodge “address”:



The old main house, the bungalows and pool are gone… but the actual LOVE lives on… in my heart, to be certain, and hopefully, in other hearts “out there” as well.

Once the site is up and running in full force, I won’t be taking this blog down. NO! I’ll be leaving as much of G’s on the Internet as I possibly can to make sure it stays for as long into the future as possible. But keep visiting and keep up. As there’s progress on the site, I’ll be posting up-dates here. (Do that “subscribe” or “follow” thing, if you would. Or, send a note on the “Contact” page here, on the blog if you know of somebody who might want personal and direct correspondence. I’m SURE NOT so “big” that I can’t or won’t keep in touch. I swear!)

Now, I’ve never been one for abusing the word “Love”, in personal relationships, family or other-wise and especially in correspondence, but here and now, because it’s a time of special celebration and because yes, G’s and ALL whom I met and even those I didn’t have the honour and privilege of meeting hold such a near, dear and cherished part of my heart, I close this post with…

to you ALL!

Thank you for coming here to read this. Thank you for coming to this blog. And I’ll thank you for coming to the site (and for spreading the word about it).

“And though time goes by I will always be in a club with you in 1973… singing ‘Here We Go Again'”.
(Thank you James Blunt)