For those of you who are still coming here for your craves and raves, sadly, up-dates to this blog are FAR behind. The major work is now being focused on the dot com site. BUT… DO go over there! There’s NEW MUSIC posted on the Juke-Box AND there’s been a REVAMP! The page has been improved so that users of different browsers get a cleaner, neater and more convenient way of listening to favourite songs!

As of even as I type, instead of clicking all over the place to get to your music, it’s all on ONE page! AND… focused on browsers: Microsoft Edge, IE, Chrome and Firefox!

The “labels” are still there, but instead of floating all over the place, now all the music is just a click under the label! So how convenient is THAT? Not to mention (and I do), you have the choice of the top browsers for your convenience. Sad but true, different browsers display “coding” in different fashions. It’s really a throw-back to the days when Internet Explorer (IE) and Netscape were in competition with one-another. Today, with more options for browsers, well… it hasn’t changed. Differnt browsers STILL display pages differently. Some better than others. Some “neater” than others. So, the Juke-Box page had to be re-done… and so it has been.

OK. So this blog is still up and running, and it will stay here, primarily for those of you who want to hang on to it. But please, and seriously, DO “Bookmark” or “Favorite/Favourite” the dot come site. It affords more variety and more control over what’s presented. (Oh! And if you have ANY suggestions, PLEASE, use the “Contact” page and let me know what you think, what you’d like to see more or less of, or what-ever comes to your mind. Seriously. Please do!)

If you notice, the links here on the blog go to the dot-come site anyway. But here is where I post “Posts” for now… just because there are some of you who look here for notices and up-dates and the likes.

All this said and done, hop and click on over to:
Mr. G’s Round Hill Lodge NY at the indie site. And as “Always And Forever”… know that I thank you, from my heart and soul, for your interest and loyalty.