How I DO miss the “good old days” before “technology” took rule over the world.

After days (literally) of searching for answers, lost sleep, multiple vodka-tonics and general hysteria, believing that all of the new work on the .com site were for naught, on this common and typical rainy and cold-again Sunday morning, I’ve finally found relief! Yes, indeed, the new work is up, running and the site and sounds of Mr. G’s are LIVE and available to the world again! (Come to find out, they were only blocked from… believe it or not… ME!) The “constipation” was all in the old router, provided by the owner of the property at which I am presently located.

An admission here: I telephoned the hosting service this morning, prepared (partially) for an ear-full of excuses and a little condescension, but what I received was a delightful, informative and insightful chat. No, the information wasn’t exactly spot-on for the remedy, but it DID give me the inspiration to keep trying for a solution. And that solution? Disconnect the router for several minutes and try again. It worked! For DAYS I’ve been lead to believe that “the servers are down” and that G’s was to remain dead in the air. No. Instead, the technologies of this remote little village where we can’t even get basic mobile telephone service failed, as they are wont to do. Plain, simple, typical.

But the important issue is that I’m relieved to know that the site is up, running, available and ALIVE! Hopefully nobody even noticed my dilemma and nobody else experienced the horrors I’ve endured over the past week.

That said, I’ve other chores to attend (and probably some lost snoozing to try can capture) so, I’ll just leave this with the great news of the new Juke-Box page and what I hope is easier to navigate and more enjoyable to use. And, as always, I invite everybody to drop a line, directly or on the comments page. Let me know what you think of the site. It’s still under construction… like any living thing, it continues to grow. Most important: your participation in it is essential. Any comments, suggestions, notes of all sorts are appreciated, so feel free. The site (and this blog) weren’t created simply for me. Like the doors of Mr. G’s, this site is open to all. Meanwhile, thank you all so much for your support and visits. (I’m off to nap now. The blankets beckon from across the chilled dampness of this Northern “Spring” day.)