Mister G’s Round Hill Lodge… At Large, In Exile, In The Diaspora…
and for so long as one Remembering Heart continues to beat… Still Alive

Although some-where, deep in the heart and human spirit, there is a glowing ember of “hope” and a dream of those we cherished and loved so very deeply, are now gone “to a better place”, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to represent with flowers and the likes, the pain of their no longer being here, with and amongst us. On this earth, we are gifted with such a relatively short while of joy and happiness, if any at all, and when that while comes to an end, and those who laughed and sang and danced with us, those who brought us love, and those who taught us love are gone, how can we but believe that this Creation that we know doesn’t mourn with us and feel their absence?

Perhaps it’s true, that we are vessels of energy and light, and that with our last Earthly breath, that energy, that “soul” so long confined, is set free to “live” with and amongst those who have “gone before”, to return to its origin, or to move on to a brighter, better and happier place… existence. If this is so, then we who have so loved and been loved by those no longer visibly amongst us can only rejoice and celebrate the freedom that they have been so very blessed with. But being still, only humans, we can mourn, as I’m sure our own spirits and souls mourn, the absence of those so cherished, so dear, so loved, invisible to us now.

Until we know the truth, the fact, of what is to come, if anything at all, we can still stand here, on this Earth, look out, look up and in our hearts, hold fast to the memories and that “energy”, that soul, and as time goes by we can, with our “all” believe that…
Someday… we’ll be together.

On this page, I’d like to keep alive, for as long as possible, the memories of those I, and others, have cherished. Whether we spoke at length or even not at all, makes no more difference to me now than it did then. I will always, as I have always, thought of these people as my “Family”, closer than “relatives”, who we have no choice in being “related to” but are put together because of some uncontrollable “fate”. These people, with and to whom I opened my self and being, and who, in their own way, opened much of them-sleves, their “self” to me, knew more about *me* than my relatives ever did or cared to. Together or even simply in proximity, we knew of each-other’s loves, lusts, dislikes, angers, happinesses and sorrows… mutually. We laughed, danced and cried with each-other. We celebrated with and comforted and consoled one-another, maybe not always, maybe not often, but in some way, some fashion, we did. And so, hopefully, there will be others “out there”, still thinking, remembering, who have some-one particularly cherished from Mr. G’s, whom they too would like to have known and remembered… some-one they would like to “introduce” to the rest of the world who weren’t so fortunate as to have met these individuals personally.

The “comments” here are open to post what-ever and how-ever-much you wish to have known, about your-self and the person or people you wish to list. “A name” in the “Author’s” space would be appreciated. A name, your name, a name by which you were known or wished you’d’ve been known by is all. Nothing personal is demanded. And as much or as little as you’d like to say about the person you wish to list can be posted. (*Where I’ve done-so, I’ve simply re-posted information I’ve found already on the Internet, with no intended violation of any “copyright”. And memories? Well, those are mine, and now, once posted, can be yours, the Reader’s as well.) The only limit to this listing is participation, and there were MANY who would come to Mr. G’s… at one time or another, for any number of reasons. Hopefully, none will ever be forgotten.

This isn’t the Main House
but it’s as close as I could find… as memory serves.

And though time goes by I will always be
in a club with you in 1973…


7 thoughts on “Memorial”

  1. Had to add this…


  2. Jasper Ricket:
    Newburgh, NY
    31 May 1954-28 October 1994


  3. Bubby (James C.) Royal:
    Newburgh, NY
    20 December 1952-28 January 2004


  4. “Dolphy” (Ronny’s Lover):
    Newburgh, NY


  5. Ronny Barone:
    Beacon, NY


  6. Dewey Block:
    Newburgh, NY


  7. Bernadette Cardillo:
    Newburgh, NY
    13 December 1953-22 December 2016


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